Video Work

Video Work

“Erdogan’s Nightmare”
Sky News Arabia, May 20, 2020

“Syrian Mercenaries in Libya.”
Libya’s Channel, May 14, 2020

“Turkish Products Become Money, Which Become Bullets.”
The Investigative Journal,  January 14, 2020

“PKK Spokesman on Turkey’s Operation “Peace Spring””
The Investigative Journal,  November 15, 2019

“ISIS fighter Mohamed Amrouni expresses ‘deep regret’”
The Investigative Journal,  July 7, 2019

“The Turkish Reporter Sentenced to 22 Years–for a Magazine Cover”
Ozy,  August 21, 2018

“A Day in Opposition-Held Syria”
Zinc, December 1, 2016

“Love Kept This Syrian Family Together”
Fusion, August 09, 2016

“Aleppo ER: Offering Care as the Bombs Fall”
SyriaDeeply, July 08, 2016

“Inside a Makeshift School in Aleppo”
SyriaDeeply, June 21, 2016

“What Is Life Like In Aleppo, Syria?”
Now This News, May 31, 2016

“Surviving Aleppo: Life and Death in Syria’s Devastated City”
The New Arab,  May 11, 2016

“VICE on HBO: Palestine Now”
Ep. 407, VICE on HBO, March 18, 2016

“North Aleppo Province: Syrians try to cross the border with Turkey illegally”
IRIN News, March 10, 2016

“Smuggler Warns: Militants Hiding Among Migrants On Refugee Boats”
Vocativ, November 14, 2015

“These Syrian Rebel Leaders Have A Warning For Russia”
Vocativ, October 23, 2015

“Putin Bombs Syria: Three Eyewitness Accounts”
Vocativ, October 07, 2015

“Freed Journalists Tell Of Torture Under ISIS”
Vocativ, August 13, 2015

“Syria’s White Helmets Volunteers Bring Help To Civilians”
Vocativ, June 16, 2015

“Fighting ISIS: U.S. Still Seeking A Strategy That Works”
Yahoo News,  May 29, 2015

“Meet The Syrian Doctor Who Treats Aleppo’s Civilians”
MSNBC,  May 14, 2015

“Syrian reporters risk life, limb to tell stories”
MSNBC,  April 27, 2015

“What Kids Endure to Get an Education in Syria”
MSNBC,  April 08, 2015

“Iran-backed Shia Militias Fight in Syria”
MSNBC, Morning Joe,  March 19, 2015

“Inside the Shiite Militia Fight Against ISIS”
MSNBC, Morning Joe, May 23, 2015

“Inside Anbar Province with the Iraqi Army”
MSNBC, February 19, 2015

“Tunisia: ISIS Breeding Ground”
MSNBC,  February 16, 2015

“Watch American Forces Prep Fresh Iraqi Recruits To Fight ISIS”
MSNBC,  February 03, 2015

American Professional Basketball Players in Baghdad”
MSNBC, February 03, 2015

“ISIS vs. Iran: Shiite Militias Liberate Iraqi Town”
MSNBC,  January 30, 2015

“Fighting ISIS: Combat So Close You Can Hear Their Voices”
Vocativ, January 27, 2014

“Harrowing Journeys With Free Syrian Army’s Farmers and Fathers”
Vocativ,  January 05, 2015

“War on ISIS’s Unstable Partnerships”
MSNBC,  December 29, 2014

“The Battle of the Mosul Dam: On the Front Lines in the War on ISIS”
MSNBC,  November 19, 2014

“A Rare View From Inside ISIS-Controlled Kobani”
Vocativ,  November 13, 2014

“Militias Drive Libya Deeper Into Civil War”
MSNBC,  October 27, 2014

“Exclusive Interview With a Captured ISIS Fighter”
Vocativ,  October 23, 2014

“Our Allies in Syria: You’re Bombing the Wrong People”
MSNBC,  October 14, 2014

“The Sunny Beach Town That’s Also ISIS’ Favorite Recruiting Spot”
MSNBC, October 10, 2014

“Why These Free-Clinic Workers Are Nursing ISIS Soldiers Back to Life”
MSNBC,  October 07, 2014

“Caught Between Assad and ISIS: On Patrol With the Free Syrian Army” 
MSNBC,  October 01, 2014

“Grenades, Guns, Missiles: Unbelievable Libyan Weapons Market”
MSNBC,  September 26, 2014

“Meet the Soldiers Who Say They Killed U.S. ISIS Fighter Douglas McCain”
MSNBC,  September 23, 2014

“ISIS’ Black Market Oil Business Could Net up to $100 Million a Day”
MSNBC,  September 05, 2014

“A Look into the World of Voodoo”>
MSNBC, June 20, 2014

“Cocaine Cowboys: Reloaded”
Rakontur/Magnolia Pictures, 2014

ESPNL 30 for 30 Short, “Collision Course: The Murder of Don Aronow”
ESPN, 2013

“Dirtona Beach, Florida”
VICE,  March 16, 2013

“Partying in Panama City Beach”
VICE,  March 13, 2013

“An Al Jazeera Reporter in Little Havana”
VICE,  November 02, 2012

“Laurence Haim at the Hofstra Presidential Debate”
VICE,  October 31, 2012

“Foreign Correspondents: Laurence Haim on the Election Trial with President Obama”
VICE, October 25, 2012

“Foreign Correspondents: A Hong Kong State Radio Reporter at CPAC”
VICE,  October 24, 2012

“Foreign Correspondents: Laurence Haim of Canal+ at the Presidential Debate”
VICE,  October 15, 2012

“Subway to Success”
ABC News, September 16, 2012

“Climbing to Candidacy”
ABC News, September 16, 2012

“A Real Jersey Boy”
ABC News, September 14, 2012

“Political Convention Awkward Moments Video”
ABC News, 2012

“The Fashion of Politics : Fashion Insiders Critique”
ABC News, 2012

“Square Grouper”
Rakontur/Magnolia Pictures, 2011

Rakontur/Magnolia Pictures, 2011

ESPN 30 for 30: “The U”
ESPN, 2009